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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Dany Bruch

I took this photo during the Grand Salam in Pozo last summer, strong winds and big waves for an amazing expression session, as soon as I saw the helicopter I wanted to take the photo of a big jump with the helicopter in the background, but wasn't easy, the current was so strong and waves were breaking everywhere, and of course, the helicompter was moving all the time.
After two hours swiming against the current I saw the chance and shooted, after this jump the helicopter dissapeared, so I was lucky, finaly I had the shoot at the very last chance. :)


  1. No me jodas la mejor foto que he visto de windsurf en mi vida, que belleza loco

  2. jajaja gracias Ivan, que exagerado eres :)

    pero gracias en cualquier caso jajajaj


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