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Saturday, 5 February 2011

New move?

Checking back the unedited pictures from the last monts I found this one from Philip Köster, that doesn't look like any of the jumps I know, maybe a new jump?
I know this picture looks like kind of a pushloop-tabletop, but it was a downwind rotation, so definitely not a pushloop variation.


  1. Tweaked out cheese roll?

  2. naaaaah... no new move. perhaps ah pushy tweaked or a so called twister. thats a shove it into cheese role variation. you can watch it on -> tv -> moves....


  3. No shove it and no push, but kind of a tweaked cheese roll variation as the first anonymous said.

  4. looks liked a tweaked pushie as if you look at his hands and feet he's sailing starboard tack.

  5. doesn't that single fin look kinda old school?


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