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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Pozo Air Force

Jose Romero windsurfing
Pozo Izquierdo was a little bit crowded today at 9:30 during the improvised shooting we had; some of the best locals were there, great conditions and just friends on the water, so it was good fun, too much fun maybe, for a while they were all jumping over each other, shouting and laughing, I was enjoying the session so much that I even losted a little bit of concentration and I missed a couple of good shots, but there're plenty of nice pictures too, so I'm definitely happy with the session.
The riders were: Julio Franco "Fito", Omar Sanchez, Jose Romero, Aleix Sanllehy, Josep Pons, Pablo Ruiz "Killerfish" and Eleazar Alonso "Ele".
I have a couple of busy days now, but as soon as I can, I'll post all the pictures, a couple of really nice ones, maybe a cover shot from Ele in case a magazine or any of his sponsors are interested.

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