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Monday, 4 April 2011


Aleix Sanllehy windsurf
Action sports photography is not an easy job, you not only have to control the elements of a regular photo, but you have to do it fast, in fact it's no chance to go fast, you have to take decisions before the action happens (when you see it, it's too late to shoot), but if you try to do that while you're swiming in the ocean, with strong wind and waves, then you have a feew extra difficulties; if it's not enough to keep in focus and in a good frame somebody moving fast, try to do it while swiming, but that's not all, then you have the drops, AAAGHHH, THE DROPS!!!.
Fortunately, in this photo, the drops are not on the subject, so the picture could be acceptable, but for some reason (Murphy's law, I guess), drops tend to be just in the middle of the subject most of the times, from this same session I had to discard a couple of good shots because of that.

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